Custom monoclonal
in vitro production

in vitro Production

At Eurogentec, monoclonal antibodies are produced exclusively in vitro, in accordance with the Belgian animal regulations and the 2010-63-EU directive for animal welfare.

Up to 100g mAb

Our facilities are equipped to produce from mg to 100g mAb.

For requests of 200mg and more, a test study is systematically performed to evaluate the clone productivity.

The Best production scheme

Based on the requested mAb amount and the clone productivity, we select the best production scheme using flasks, roller bottles or bioreactors.

Mycoplasma diagnostics and cell line decontamination can also be performed.

Production scales



Starting materials

The Hybridoma cells can be developed at Eurogentec or provided by the customer.

From 1 mg to 100 mg


Research & Development

Culture in flasks or roller bottles

Up to 500 mg requests


Pilot Study

Culture in roller bottle
Hybridoma characterization, mycoplasma testing, isotyping

From 500mg to 100g


Scale up

Large scales are produced in hollow-fiber technology based bioreactors (AutovaxID, up to 30g/month).

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Boost my hybridoma’s

Our antibody experts have established a proprietary protocol to boost the productivity of hybridomas. It usually gives a productivity increase from +20 to +600% (recorded so far).

Plot showing the mAb production of hybridomas when grown under our exclusive protocol compared to classical conditions

Figure 1 : Evaluation of our optimized protocol on the relative antibody production of 8 randomly selected hybridomas, including both IgG and IgM.

Plot showing the mAb production reproducibility of two hybridomas when grown under our exclusive protocol

Figure 2 : Reproducibility of our optimized protocol on the antibody production of two randomly selected hybridomas.

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Upgrade your antibody

Concentration / Diafiltration

Following your specifications.


Conjugation and freeze-drying services.


By mixed-mode chromatography.


Affinity chromatography (protein A,G,L), ion exchange, gel filtration chromatography, IgM purification.


Solutions for DNA and endotoxins removal.

mAb characterizations

Physico Chemical QCs :
Purity, Quantity, Integrity, Sterility,…

Technical QCs :
Method validation (ELISA, FACS, IHC,…)

Functional QCs :
Binding, cytotoxicity, antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity (ADCC), CDC, in vivo testing….

Additional Services

Isotyping, sequencing, serum-free production, cell-line adaptation, cell banking, productivity assessment, variable chains sequencing, cloning for recombinant antibody generation.

ELISA tests can be developed.

Benefit from our personalized project proposals and expertise.