Camelid antibodies
& VHH fragments

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Production process

At Eurogentec we produce custom Llama antibodies and offer VHH production in collaboration with QVQ.

The production process and Options are detailed here under.




Lymphocytes isolation & mRNA extraction


VHH screening & production



At Eurogentec, llama or alpaca immunizations are conducted using customized protocols and antigens to produce heavy chain only antibodies.

Serum samples are available for testing or for IgG’s isolation.

42-Day immunization schedule of llama

5 – 10 weeks*


The program can be stopped at this step and you receive unpurified pAb (blood or serum).


Lymphocytes isolation
& mRNA extraction

Blood lymphocytes necessary for VHH production are poorly stable.

So we provide the service for lymphocyte isolation from a blood sample (+/- 250 mL) and the RNA extraction.

Illustration of lymphocyte isolation and m RNA extraction for VHH production

1 Day*


The program can be stopped at this step and you receive mRNA.


VHH screening
& production

At QVQ, VHH phage display libraries are generated to select and screen for high affinity monoclonal VHH.

Illustration of VHH production step by step

8 weeks*


Step 1: Two libraries with size >107 different clones and > 90% insert.
Step 2: The sequences of at least 6 binders from 2 families.
Step 3: 0.5 mg protein of the lead clones produced in E.coli and purified (>90%).

*Average time

Our facilities comply with
the highest standards for animal welfare

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Additional services


VHH fragments can be custom labeled for a wide range of applications including immunofluorescence, FACS analysis, in vivo imaging, PET imaging, MRI imaging, IHC and electron microscopy.

Large scale and GMP production

We can produce large quantities of VHH antibody fragment in yeast for animal experiments or crystallography up to GMP grade for microdosing studies in human.


The sequence of the VHH fragments can be optimized for production, physical and “in product” stability and various types of clinical use.


VHH antibody fragments can be generated in bivalent, bispecific or custom made formats.

VHH antibody fragments

These smallest naturally occurring antibody binding domains presents many advantages and hence considered as new promising candidate for novel therapy.

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Anti-llama secondary antibodies

Immunoglobulins G from camelids are a mixture of IgG1, IgG2 and IgG3. Only IgG2 and IgG3 are heavy-chain antibodies.

To distinguish IgG2/3 from IgG1, we provide unlabeled and labeled mouse anti-llama IgG1 and mouse anti-llama IgG2/3 secondary antibodies.

We also offer a polyclonal anti-llama VHH allowing for the detection of a very large panel of VHHs from different framework sequence families.

Interested in anti-llama antibodies ?

Anti-IgG1 and anti-IgG2/3 are available unconjugated, or conjugated to biotin or R-PE. Anti-VHH is available as a non-conjugated Ab.

Should you be interested in any other conjugation, please contact us.

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