Custom monoclonal antibodies
hybridoma development

We generate murine hybridomas
from a large panel of antigens using a stepwise approach.

A report is sent after each phase and discussed with the customer for potential adaptation. If no positive hybridoma is obtained after phase 3, only phase 1 will be charged.

workflow presenting the different steps of the hybridoma production, screening and selection


1. Project discussion

Selection of the best strategy

2. Antigen design and production

Various antigens can be used:

  • peptides
  • proteins
  • bacteria
  • inactivated viruses
  • transfected cells
  • small molecules

Others – please discuss your antigen needs with our specialists

Plot showing parameter of peptide selection to increase immunization success

Hybridoma Development

1. Immunization

The success highly depends on the antigen quality. Several mice are immunized to allow the selection of the best responder

2. Fusion

Using the GentleMACS and optimizing the myeloma bank management makes this fusion step a very reproducible process

3. Hybridoma screening & selection

The screening steps can be performed using several technologies, including ELISA, FACS, IF and IHC.
Supernatants can also be shipped to the customer.

4. Cloning, isotyping and cell banking

Growth medium in Petri dish

Want to generate
mAb from your hybridomas?

We have a long expertise in producing small and large amount of monoclonal antibodies exclusively in vitro.

Benefit from our personalized project
proposals and expertise.