Antigen design
and production

A good antigen quality is key point to generate efficient antibodies. We accompany you in the design and the production of the most convenient antigen that will stimulate the host’s immune response and favor antibody production.

We offer a full antigen service

Various antigens can be used, such as: peptides, proteins, bacteria, inactivated viruses, transfected cells, small molecules…
Biosafety level 3 (BL3) antigens can be handled in our facilities.

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Antigen design

Customized bioinformatics studies taking into account critical features

Preliminary work for optimization of antigen design,
Antigen drift,
Homology with non-relevant proteins,
B epitopes prediction,
Protein structure analysis, …

Peptide design

  • Peptides with post-translational modifications, cyclization, …
  • Conjugation to carrier proteins

Protein design

  • Full-length proteins, protein fragments, poly-epitopes, fusion proteins, …

Antigen production

Peptide synthesis

We routinely produce peptides for immunization purposes, and our peptide design service is based on specific algorithms for the most efficient immunogen generation.

Peptides bearing various post-translational modifications can be produced, including phosphorylation, methylation, acetylation, and many others. Within our subsidiary AnaSpec Inc, we are experienced to generate the most complex peptides.

Protein production, purification and validation

  • Expression and co-expression
  • Bacterial and eukaryotic host cells
  • Renaturation and purification of fastidious targets
  • Optimization of production yields on request

Protein production process

Illustration of a purified protein antigen production from gene synthesis to stability and solubility study
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