One of the most experienced and largest animal housings in Western Europe

Our animal facilities are based in south Belgium and are accredited by the Belgian authorities. We operate under ISO 9001 quality standards,.

The facilities comply with the highest standards for animal welfare, including FELASA, GLP, GMP, BELAC, UK Home Office Animals Scientific Procedures Act.

We also comply with ISO 13485 for the in vitro production of monoclonals and all analytical lab studies are conducted in a GLP environment.

Careful Control

Each animal is selected with the highest vigilance and identified to guarantee traceability. Animal sources are strictly controlled.

SPF rabbits are bred in house to allow sanitary control and flexibility.

An internal Ethical Committee is in place, which plays a strategic role in evaluating each new protocol and carrying out reviews every 5 years.


Successful audits

We successfully completed over 130 audits, both from the authorities and industrial sponsors.

National authorities inspect our facilities for their compliance regarding animal origin, identification, housing and welfare, making our animal housing one of the cleanest and safest worldwide.

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