Animal and analytical
GLP studies

All analyses are conducted in a GLP environment on target species including immunodeficient and humanized rodents and large animals. As such, we are highly experienced in working with Poultry, Pigs and Bovine.

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GLP studies Workflow with 6 steps: Disussion with the customer, schedule, protocol, testing, report and delivery

Get access to:

  • The highest standards in animal welfare
  • An experienced team headed by a study director
  • State-of-the-art laboratories and  equipments
  • Good lead times and competitive prices
  • High transparency, with access to each stage of the study
  • Study Plans and Final Reports
  • Cutting Edge Quality
  • Solution-driven way

Why work with us?

High quality service

Our dedicated veterinary department provides a wide range of in vivo but also analytical testing services that fully comply with international requirements and OECD guidelines.

Tailored offer

We develop and conduct customized studies to ensure that the safety and efficacy assessments are performed in the most tailored manner to fit with your test compound.

Accurate assessment

We can evaluate pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, veterinary, chemical and agrochemical compounds as well as medical devices.

Advanced equipment

Our facilities are equipped with small-animal imaging (X-Ray micro-CT microtomography, in vivo bioluminescence imaging).

Study adaptation

We can adapt study designs to meet our customer’s specific needs.

These specialty designs include among others microsurgery, immunotherapy studies in humanized animal models, disease models development and evaluations, coagulation studies, stem cell therapy, vaccine efficacy and safety, biologicals pharmacokinetics,….

Biocontainment facility

We can conduct studies under specific conditions, and can test candidate compounds at biosafety level L2/L3.

Example of studies

Regulatory studies

Toxicity (Acute Oral Toxicity, Repeated Dose Oral Toxicity, Skin Sensitization, Local Lymph Nodes Testing, Tolerability Testing).

Measurement of test items and their metabolites in foodstuffs of animal origin (tissues, plasma, milk, eggs, excrements).

Pharmacological studies

A repertoire of various animal models validated and carried out in various fields including residues testing, tolerance, bio-equivalence, appetence, pharmacokinetics, among others. Species include rats, mice, guinea pigs, hens, cows, sheep, goats, horses, turkeys and rabbits.

Custom design Studies

We have a strong expertise in specialized area and assist our customers in their specific research projects related to the following fields:

  •  Immunology
  • Cancerology
  • Cell therapy
  • Infectiology
  • Autoimmune and chronic diseases
Benefit from our personalized project proposals and expertise.