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Polyclonal Antibodies

Custom Polyclonal Antibody Production

Monoclonal Antibodies

Murine hybridoma’s
development & Monoclonal
Antibody in vitro 

Llama Antibodies

Llama antibodies & VHH Ab fragment development

Laboratory studies

GLP Animal
and analytical laboratory studies

25 years+ Expertise in antibody development and production

For over 25 years, Eurogentec has been recognized as a trusted CRO for the manufacturing of custom antibodies dedicated to diagnostic, biotech and pharma partners worldwide.

We handle from test to very large projects with a strong focus on customer service. We develop antibodies with high flexibility and trusted quality. A team of project managers is in place to adapt our processes and strategies to fit at best with our sponsors’ needs.

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Polyclonal antibodies

We perform immunizations according to our standards SOP’s or to the customer’s protocol. In the later case, some processes may be subject to a check by the ethical committee for approval.

We routinely handle classical 87-day programs, while our proprietary Speedy 28-day program allows a fast access to results. Long term production programs are also conducted as well as Pharma quality productions.

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Monoclonal antibodies

We offer a comprehensive solution from antigen design to hybridoma development,
as well as mAb production & characterization.

Hybridoma development

We generate murine hybridomas from a large panel of antigens using a stepwise approach.

mAb production

We produce from mg to 100g mAb exclusively in vitro.

Boost Hybridoma Production yield

Camelid antibodies
& VHH fragments

We deliver Llama antibodies from crude serum to purified VHH single domain antibody fragments in partnership with QVQ a dutch company specialized in the production of high affinity VHH from camelids.

In addition we have in our product catalog labeled or unlabeled anti-llama secondary IgG2/3 antibodies.

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Production Process




Lymphocytes isolation & mRNA extraction


VHH production

Because the quality of your antigen is critical

We provide Antigen design & production

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Animal and analytical
laboratory studies

Since the first GLP certification in 1993, we provide safety, efficacy and toxicology studies to the pharmaceutical and agro-vet industries.

Our dedicated veterinary department provides a wide range of testing services.

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